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Hi! My name is Heidi! I'm 19 years old and I'm from Finland :) I love hockey and video games :) I am a fan of the Creatures & Chicago Blackhawks!
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7/19/14: A little bit competitive

Many thanks to monalisasnmadhatters for helping to decipher the audio! :))

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Jonathan Toews on Waddle & Silvy, 17/7/14:

On what he was doing when he first got news of the finalized contract:

"The first thing that crossed my mind was - Patrick Sharp’s gonna like this - I was on vacation with my girlfriend for two weeks when I got the news, I was…

"opposites attract…at the same time, our goals are the same."


On nicknames for Kaner: "Well, where do we get started? Lil’ Peekster, lil’ Pipsqueak, yeah I don’t know we’ve got a couple good ones."
Meanwhile, Brad Richards:

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The baby goalie has some difficulty learning his lines (◠‿◠).

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"We don’t play on the same line any more, so that’s not a problem." (on the screaming on the bench)

"We don’t change, we don’t get better at this."


7/19/14: “What was your feeling that seminal moment (when you picked up the Conn Smythe trophy) - what was racing through your head?”

that’s your first thought. Jezziejay break out that sweetheart tag

7/19/14: Outtakes from Blackhawks at the Movies

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apparently, jonny does not want a kiss (◡︿◡✿)

apparently, jonny does not want a kiss (◡︿◡✿)

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07192014: the kane and toews danceoff rematch

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